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You dream about it all the time - we all do.  To be successful, secure, achieving, happy and wealthy.  Maybe even to be a tycoon.

Now, the opportunity to realise all of this has become possible.  Introducing Tycoon Challenge.

Tycoon Challenge was born as a result of Founder and Director of Brady & Partners Construction Group Pty Ltd and creative thinker Jay Brady.  Jay, who has worked in the property and construction industry for near 30 years, was inspired on the job when he was leading a team of backpackers constructing a solar farm in central Victoria, Australia.  Jay's immediate welcoming and respect for the backpackers living an experience and motivation of wanting to make a better life for themselves, leaving their homeland to travel aboard in search of making money, pushing themselves, and dedicated to advancing their purpose in life, gave him an idea to take to the world, and help influence the life changes backpackers are often chasing.

The program series will bring together backpackers from across the world, forming teams representing their Country, participating in developing property and business projects across Australia, challenging themselves and their followers to construct selected viable projects within set budgets, building pools of profits that they'll receive proportions of as they strive to conquer their opposing teams, motivated to create an empire and become a real-life tycoon.

Navigating through a series of set tasks (challenges), they're required to test their capabilities in applying their skills and employing innovative ways to come out on top, outdo their competitors, and realise a dream of becoming a tycoon.  Comfort zones will be breached.  Teams will lose members.  Penalties will apply.  Rewards will be gained.  Relationships will form.  There'll be tears of sorrow, and of happiness.  And fortunes will be made.

Participant's will be required to form their own country of origin networks to support and guide them.  Viewing audiences will cast votes.  And project managers will make tough decisions.  The end result will be determined by results, and the ability to lead and influence!  Will it be achieved as a team or individually?  The journey will tell.

The program will have elements of other successful reality series - think 'The Block' meets 'Big Brother' meets 'The Apprentice' meets 'Grand Designs', but done differently, in real time, watched by audiences worldwide.

And don't think the series will be typically aired or promoted on any one network - that's old school.  Sticking with being done differently, we're challenging this convention, and broadcasting globally through social media - live!

Best of all, this series will award the largest rewards and prizes in reality history.

There's something else unique about this series too, but we can't reveal that just yet.

It's not just a reality series, every Participant in the program will actually be an employee and earn an income - that's also what almost every backpacker seeks.

So, this is all about challenges.  Challenging yourself.  Challenging convention.  Breaking down barriers.  And redefining traditions.

It's about being dynamic, setting examples, breaching comfort zones, leading the way, and being proactive in ones' cause.

Why wouldn't you be part of ground-breaking history?

Make Your Mark

Shape your future by showing the world who you are, what you're about, and what you're capable of.

Inspiring Keynotes

Be inspired by global leaders and celebrities, events and people that'll influence the rest of your life.

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Meet New People

Meet people from all over the world, learn cultures, and make lifelong friendships and connections.

Have Great Times

Life's short - it's time to create memories, live an experience, and have fun.


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Real Jobs

with a Reality Series thrown in

We're on the hunt for 150+ backpackers seeking work.  With locations in the Sunshine and Gold Coast (in Queensland), Bendigo and Melbourne (in Victoria), our new construction project sites are ready for workers.

No experience is necessary, however if you've had some exposure to construction you'll be well prepared.  All roles will have training provided, and you'll be supervised by the best in the industry.

As a worker employed by Brady & Partners Construction Group Pty Ltd, you can expect above industry rates of pay (around $35 per hour as a starting point, with some roles offering up to $90 per hour).  Most sites are permitted to work Monday-Saturday, with Saturday's offering 1.5 - 2 times the base rate.

Contracts are casual, but can provide up to 50 hours a week.

With the reality series thrown in and the rewards and bonuses attached, you can look forward to amazing opportunities to earn great money, as well as lay claim to some fame.  And let's not forget the fun, experience, adventure and memories you'll make on the journey too.

Here's a snapshot of the trade assistant (TA) / labourer roles

  • No experience required - you will be trained, and supervised by leading professionals.  If you have some experience, great - let's put your skills to use.
  • Most roles are for Trade Assistant (TA) / General Labourer positions - generally helping skilled professionals as labour assistants.  You will be employed in 'construction'
  • Help with construction - building, painting, landscaping, fencing, site maintenance, general labour - there are a wide variety of tasks.  There are positions requiring use of tools, equipment and machines, where appropriate.
  • Positions are commencing now, with most projects to be under construction by February 2024.  There's a fair bit of pre-construction work we need help with before construction works actually commence.
  • Locations in or near Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, , Cairns, Bendigo, Ballarat, Halls Gap and Melbourne (more sites coming, including solar farms).
  • Most projects and sites are regional, and often qualifying for the 88 days' required for Visa extensions.
  • Starting rate of $35 per hour, plus superannuation, plus many other benefits.
  • Accommodation is not offered as part of the job, however we have arranged accommodation facilities (rented houses, motels, caravans) where we can offer you accommodation at a great rate.  This is not part of your employment and you are not required to live at one of our accommodation venues.
  • As most roles are working in construction, and are in regional areas, they do qualify for the 88 days - useful if you're looking to extend your visa.
  • Transport can often be arranged - from a common area or accommodation facility to and from site.  If you are relocated to another site, your transport costs will be paid.

A few reasons you may want to join with us

This is a global contest, and you can meet some amazing people.  You'll challenge yourself and you'll realise skills and abilities you've probably never known even exist - and be paid well!

But it's so much more than that!  You're going to gain experience that'll build on your resume/CV, you'll learn new skills, you can learn and practice English, travel to different parts of Australia and experience different ways of Aussie life, meet locals and others from across the world.  But the best thing is you'll be part of an exciting new adventure and reality series that can shape your future.

Best of all - you're going to have a heap of fun!

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Don't set yourself up for disappointment.  You're in Australia for an experience, so why not make it an experience of a lifetime and take the opportunity to set an incredible direction in life with this amazing adventure.  And make some awesome memories.

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