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Who/What is Tycoon Challenge?

Tycoon Challenge is the title of an all-new reality series that will be broadcast globally through a range of channels, including social media.  It is a program that comprises constructing property projects through a series of challenges and tasks that will award winners at different levels with a range of amazing prizes for exceptional performance and achievement.  Ultimately, someone will be awarded, or crowned, the Downunder Tycoon and take away the largest ever prize in any reality series.

Who owns Tycoon Challenge?

Tycoon Challenge is the brainchild of, and created and owned by Brady & Partners Construction Group Pty Ltd - an Australian private company based in Victoria.

When does it start?

It has already started.  There are currently 6 projects, with more coming on board very soon.  Work on the actual sites will commence late January/early February 2024.  There are roles currently open needing to be filled right away to prepare for site based roles - background/establishment works.

Are the jobs legit?

They sure are.  We have many roles available across multiple sites around Australia.  The majority of roles are for Trade Asstatants (TA's) / General Labourers.  However there are always roles for other functions too - jobs in maintenance, admin, hospitality, farm and more.

Who will be my employer?

Your employer will be Brady & Partners Construction Group Pty Ltd.

Where are the jobs located?

We're currently recruiting for positions in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Bendigo and Melbourne.  Stay tuned for the next intake at different locations - we'll advise once they've been secured.

Do the jobs count as part of the 88 days?

Most of the jobs do, yes!  Because they're in construction and located in regional areas, they qualify for the 88 days, potentially enabling you to extend your visa.

How do I get to a job site?

Like most jobs, you'll be required to get to the starting job by yourself, and at your cost.  If we need to relocate you for work, we will cover some costs and transport in doing so.

I'm travelling with friends, can they apply for a job too?

For sure!  We understand that friends like to stick together and share their experiences with one another, so we'll do our best to help out.  Jobs are subject to availability and are always limited in worker numbers, so make sure you let us know in a timely manner.

I can't find affordable accommodation - is there help available?

Accommodation is hard to find in most parts of Australia.  There simply isn't enough housing available.  And what is available is often expensive, draining the money we all work hard to earn.  As a company, we go out of our way to ensure our workers are looked after, so we can often rent houses and other accommodation and offer subsidised rent to our workers.  We won't provide worker accommodation, however, availability permitting, we may be able to offer you a space in one of our secured accommodation sites.  We'll charge a nominal fee for your bed and utility bills (often between $150-250 a week, per person) in a shared arrangement.  We don't charge our workers a bond, but we do require a weekly/fortnightly/monthly rent to be paid in advance - no different to staying somewhere else.  We always have quality, furnished accommodation, and it must be fit for any worker or manager to live in, so it's not a dive!  With limited accommodation, please advise HR/Recruitment if you'd like our help.

Is there transport between the accommodation and the work site?

Sometimes - it depends on a number of things.  However, if we organise transport, it will pick up and drop off at designated locations like a public area or common accommodation.  Sometimes other workers carpool too - just do the fair thing and offer contribution for petrol. 

How long is the job for?

Each job and work site is different - it depends on the project.  We're keen for workers who want steady and varied work, and who want to experience the amazing reality series, Tycoon Dream.  The series will go for a period near 18 months.

How does the pay work?

Our workers are our most important asset.  Our Founder and Director makes sure they're well looked after.  We pay above the industry award.  We pay every fortnight (that's every 2 weeks').  We pay into your nominated Australian bank account.  We are required by law to deduct taxation from your wages.  On top of this, we are required by law to also pay you superannuation - we pay this into your nominated superannuation fund.

Got another question that hasn't been answered here?

Please send us your questions by email to hello@tycoonchallenge.com and one of our friendly reps will reply super fast.